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Learn about South Dakotan amphibians including how to identify calls of all species in the state!

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Frogwatch will train you to recognize all your local species of amphibians.

There are two species of Leopard Frogs

Can you tell the difference?
Spadefoot Toad

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Frogwatch is a citizen science program, designed to allow you to help scientists like Dr. Kerby keep track of frogs across the Great Plains.  Anyone can participate age 10-110!  The Great Plains Chapter in the state of South Dakota was created in 2013 and we need your help!

The training is free!  Participants will learn some background information on South Dakotan amphibians including how to identify calls of all species in the state!  You will be certified and can help us all summer long.  Don’t miss the great opportunity!

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  • 1st training- Sioux Falls, SD, April 2016 
Great Plains Zoo
  • 2nd training- Brookings, SD, April 2016
 South Dakota State University
  • 3rd training- Vermillion, SD, April 2016
 University of South Dakota

Materials to Download

I was surprised how quickly I was able to learn lots of frog calls! It provides a nice opportunity to bond with my son.

Check out the National FrogwatchUSA website.

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Dr. Kerby Cameo!Dr. Kerby Cameo!

Frogwatch highlighted on the PBSKids show SciGirls!