Anna Kase, Phd Student

Anna is working on understanding the habitat needs for the state threatened species, False Map Turtles. She has surveyed extensively throughout the Missouri River, with an emphasis in the Lake Oahe region monitoring habitat variables of several species of turtles within the region. She is hoping to create a predictive distributional model to aid land managers in conservation efforts to protect this species. Anna has also been examining the impacts of commonly found pesticides on turtle behaviors.

Kaitlyn Campbell, PhD Candidate

Kaitlyn is studying the impacts of tile drain contaminants on native amphibian species. She is currently funded off of an NSF grant examining sustainable issues along the Missouri River. She is in the process of building a predictive machine learning model for shifts in amphibian distributions in the upper Midwest basin.

Danielle Galvin, Phd Student

Danielle is in her first year of graduate school. She is interested in understanding the behavioral implications of disease in a predator prey context.