Anna Kase (She/Her) , PhD Candidate

Anna is working on understanding the habitat needs for the state threatened species, False Map Turtles. She has surveyed extensively throughout the Missouri River, with an emphasis in the Lake Oahe region monitoring habitat variables of several species of turtles within the region. She is hoping to create a predictive distributional model to aid land managers in conservation efforts to protect this species. Anna has also been examining the impacts of commonly found pesticides on turtle behaviors.

Kaitlyn Campbell (She/Her/They/Them), PhD Candidate

Kaitlyn is studying the impacts of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) and tile drain contaminants on native amphibian species, with an emphasis on the interaction between Bd, neonicotinoids, selenium, and the brain. They were previously funded off of an NSF grant ( in which they created over a dozen machine learning models to predict shifts in amphibian distributions in the upper Midwest basin. Kaitlyn is currently funded through the Neuroscience, Nanotechnology and Networks (USD-N3) Program to further examine the impacts of agricultural contaminants on the brain using an amphibian model.

Danielle Galvin (She/Her), PhD Student

Danielle is interested in determining the prevalence of ranavirus infections in amphibian populations across South Dakota. She also studies the influence of ranavirus infection and climate change on amphibian behavior and overwintering physiology. She loves field work and assists in caring for the outreach animals from the Kerby lab.

Past Students

Careful who you pick as a lab partner, you might end up marrying them!

Jillian Farkas, University of South Dakota, August 2015- May 2019. M.S. Student. Impacts of agricultural tile drain systems on native fish in Prairie Pothole region of South Dakota. *Married to Drew Davis

Joseph Madison, University of South Dakota, September 2014- December 2018. Ph.D. Student. Gene mechanisms involved in the protective microbiome of amphibian skin bacteria.

Drew Davis, University of South Dakota, September 2012- May 2018. Ph.D. Student. Impacts of agricultural tile drain systems on South Dakota wetland fauna. *Married to Jillian Farkas

Spencer Siddons, University of South Dakota, August 2013- May 2016. M.S. Student. Examination of agricultural inputs to amphibian biodiversity along the Missouri River.

Andrew Zajac, University of South Dakota, January 2011-May 2014.  M.S. Student.  The effects of controlled herbicide spray on the endangered Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly. *Married to Jennifer Brown

Kirsten Wert, University of South Dakota, August 2009-May 2012.  M.S. Student.  Impacts of land use on amphibian trematode prevalence.

Jennifer Brown, University of South Dakota, June 2009– July 2011.  M.S. Student.  Interactive effects of contaminants and chytrid on amphibians. *Married to Andrew Zajac