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Dr. Kerby on Dakota Midday

Our recent research highlighted on South Dakota Public Radio.


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Tile Drain Research on USD Website

Check out this sweet video of our research efforts!


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Salamander Fungus on Dakota Midday

Today Dr. Kerby spoke about the newest chytrid fungus, Bsal, and why salamander trade has been restricted in the U.S. to help prevent its spread. Link will be posted here once available online.


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Kalie in South Dakota Magazine

An undergraduate researcher, Kalie Leonard, has made a cameo in the September issue of South Dakota Magazine! Grab a copy and check it out! She is endorsing the Great Plains Frogwatch Chapter. Check out the page if you are interested in this citizen science project.

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First Day

We geared up today and headed out. No mishaps, injuries, or excitement so far. We left at 8:30am and got back for dinner at 9:30pm so it was a full day. We hit all 18 sites today to set emergent traps. Today we begin the frog surveys. Hoping for warm weather and lots of frog […]

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Prep time

Dr. Jeff Wesner teaching us about emerging insect traps. New graduate student Jillian arrived last night and was promptly taken out in the field the next morning. We mostly gathered midge adults emerging from the Spirit Mound stream.  Next week the madness of tile drain sampling begins again!


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Kindergarten Science Day

We were out today teaching kids about Frogwatch and local amphibians!


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Volante article

Our citizen science efforts were highlighted in the University paper. http://volanteonline.com/2015/04/frogwatch-usa-training-aims-to-save-frogs/

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FrogWatch training was a success! Interest from many citizens and also some press! Look for future articles in the Volante and South Dakota magazine.  


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Dr. Kerby on TV!

Check out my appearance as a scientist on the latest season of the PBS kids show SciGirls. I filmed this a year ago, but now it is out! It is a great episode that introduces FrogWatch to young girls across the nation. Hopefully it translates into increased participation across the nation!

Here is a link, but […]

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